Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Another unexpected good day.

I was really expecting today to be a really bad day since i had work and then school but it actually turned out pretty well. Work went as well as it could have gotten. Always kept busy with something like filling ice bins, putting down fries and chicken, and making frosty's instead of just standing there flipping burgers the whole time. Only thing that really sucked was that i had to stay a half an hour later than i was scheduled for because someone was a half an hour late.

After work i then went downtown to the Art Institute for class. I was expecting this class to be kinda boring because my schedule said Cross-Culture and I usually don't do well in Geography or History classes which is what i thought this class was going to be like. The full name of the class was Cross-Cultural Psychology. After getting introduced to what the class was about, we first talked about cultures and societies. Next we went into values and she put us into groups to talk about what we value. After our group discussions she talked a little more about values and eventually got into family values. While she was discussing this i drew a diagram in my notebook that kinda looked like a target. The center was me and in the rings outside were the names of people and groups of people. The closer i was to them, the closer they were to the center. I was kinda fascinated as to where some of the names ended up and thought of how I would of put it together if I did it a few years ago. After values we then went into different kinds of societies till the end of class.

On my way home I was still in a pretty good mood. I was still thinking about some of the things that we discussed in class. Then I thought of something new that I should start doing. I should make a second blog to post all the different things that I have ever deeply thought about. As I have just made the blog. I named it 'Inside the Mind of the Silent Ninja'. The link is silentninjathoughts.blogspot.com. Once I get the time, I'm going to fix it up and put up a description so people will better understand what the blog is about.

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Begining of my 6th quarter at AIP - A very good day

Today was the first day of my 6th quarter at the Art Institute, and it turned out to be a pretty good day.

It started off kind of rough since I was a couple minutes late for my first class. This first class is one that i have already taken already 2 quarters before but sadly failed. The class ended with something we didn't do last time. Everyone got into groups of 3 and coming up with ideas for games(not computer games). we had to come up with 2 names and an object and make a game out of it. The one we chose to tell the class was a rpg board game. The people where Phil and Alfred. Phil steels Alfred's red lined stapler and now you have to "climb the cooperate ladder" to get it back.

After class I went to get some lunch and went up to the library to work on some homework due next week. I then left to head to my next class when I noticed the clock nearing a quarter till. Though i didn't notice till i got to my class room that it was a quarter till 2 so i was an hour late.
The next class, Principles of 3D Modeling, kinda started out horrible because the computer I sat, which was the last one left in the room, would not let my log in. The Instructor couldn't even figure out what was wrong. Then shortly after, someone got up, left, and did not come back so I just took his computer. The rest of the class went pretty well. I then actually stayed after class so I could finish some homework that is due next week that has to be done in 3DS Max. Here's a preview of what i got done so far:

These walls are made out of around 1600 Blocks. it took about 10 minutes to get the walls built. putting in the imprint and the hole took about 50 minutes though. It took a long time to get the bricks on the ground outside of the walls positioned right.

Right now I'm still in a pretty good mood and am going to try to enjoy the rest of this day. Tomorrow is going to be a long day with Work and School.