Thursday, May 28, 2009

About The Silent Ninja + Notes

I just recently re-wrote the about me section of my MySpace page and thought that it would be nice to show this with all the notes that I added while I was writing it. Read it, maybe you'll learn something you did'nt know about The Silent Ninja

Matthew Sorg, The Silent Ninja, is one of the most unique individuals that you will probably ever meet. He strives to be as different as he can, yet also tries his best to make sure nothing bad happens to anyone before himself. His mind is also most promising, easily able to understand how things work without much effort, always studying things. One of his biggest strengths is his skills with technology. He learned much about PC's and has even built one from scratch. He has also tinkered with electronics a little to, fixing a cd player with parts from a second cd player. Another skill that(apparently) Matt is good in is photography. For many years he has taken photo's of his brother's rap group, Crap, and the other groups that they play with. He has also taken some video of the group's performances and antics. Despite these great things about Matt, he severely lacks in his social skills(especially vocally, really hates phones). It's really hard for him to say what he want's to say, like another part of him is holding him back. He believes it's because he doesn't want to hurt anyone with something he might say accidentally. This has kept him from making many friends in his life(at least there are no enemies). Matt finds it a little easier when he uses text(IM, text, email, etc.) because he can see what he's going to say and easily make changes before sending. He also finds it extremely difficult when trying to explaining something. There are many things that he likes to do in his free time. He enjoys listening to lots of Rock but doesn't mind some Hip Hop/Rap now and then. He has had a love of video games since he was young and loves to play then every now and then. Matt also has a love for art that probably grew from the love of video games and has even developed his own artistic skills but he still has a lot of practicing to do. He also likes to work on some stories that he's been writing and developing for a few years now.

Matt was born and raised in the small town of Jamestown, PA. In school, his grads were pretty average. In school he made(what he considers) a few friends. For a few years he joined the local boyscout troop for about four years. His parent's got divorced(forgot when) and was raised by his father for the rest of his school years. Also during his school years he grew a love for video games and computers. During the last two years of his High School years, Matt also attended the Mercer County Career Center in hope of improving his computer skills in the Computer Office and Technology program. After Graduating he moved to Pittsburgh to start college life by going to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Game Art and Design. He had a great time making all kinds of art. After two year, he kinda wen't through a somewhat mental breakdown and started failing classes till he was terminated. Now he' attends ITT Tech for Software and Application Programing, hoping for a brand new start and old problems have gone away.

Matthew's main Goal/Dream in life is to start my own Game Development Company. He plans on attaining this dream anyway he can. His time at The Art Institute may have ended in failure but he still continues to plan on how he can make it a reality. He want's to continue working on his art skills when he can(really misses all the drawing, loved it). Once he gets good enough, he plans to try and find a way to make a little extra money with it, be it commissions or prints. Recently, Matt has rediscovered how much he really loves Rock(thanks to Guitar Hero/Rock Band) and want's to try to make his own Rock music, maybe mix it with rap/hip hop a little, not really caring how far he goes with it.