Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

I didn't really quit my job at Wendy's. But it is true that we are learning how to do breakfast now. the part about opening and cooking breakfast every morning is also kinda true as well except i'll have a little less to do, wont have to clean a fryer anymore which is what normally takes up all my time, and ill only be called upon to help up front when we get really busy. Look forward to having breakfast at Wendy's in Castle Shanon starting this Thursday.

Bad turns to Good

I just quit my job at Wendy's recently. We started to learn how to make the food for breakfast, but that isn't the reason why i quit. The reason is because they expect me to cook breakfast, as well as everything else that i already do to open, before we switch to lunch. I already have a hard enough time getting everything done before we open at 10:30. At least i already got an interview scheduled for an internship at SilverTree Media. Finally, I'll be in the field that I'm going to AIP for.