Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mostly boring week

This week i joined the Wrestling Mayhem Show after missing last week. They declared it fancy hat day and put hats on. i just went with it and turned my headband around. This week we had a special guest by phone, Toa from American Gladiators. Later it was requested that I sing, and so i did "sing".
The rest of my week was pretty boring and lonely. I was pretty down and i don't even know why. kinda made it hard to get all my homework done for school.
One more thing. I got my internet ordered this week and will be online by Friday. So look forward to me posting more often.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cold Week

This week, not much really happened. Didn't join the wrestling mayhem show this week because it was canceled on Tuesday and I did not know they had it the next day(listening to it now).
Work has been going a little better lately. Tuesday was really slow because of the snow storm. A lot of us got let off work early because it was going so slow. Wednesday, we expected it to go slow since it was still snowing pretty bad. the manager actually let one of us go before we even opened. That was a mistake because we got hit pretty hard with customers that day.
The only other thing that happened is that i learned theres something wrong with my heaters in my new apartment. I had to set it to 90 degrees for it to reach 75 degrees.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New appartment, New beginning

I've been in my new apartment for about a week now. I don't have internet yet so for now I have to go to school if i want to use it. not too much interesting has happened yet. Tuesday i went to my brothers for the wrestling mayhem show. Got picked on by the special guest wrestler CJ Sensation every time the dog came through the door, making a loud noise. I think Wednesday i finished organizing everything in my apartment. then yesterday was my housewarming party but only my brother Mike and Missy showed up. we went to Arby's to get some food but only didn't get all that we ordered, at least we weren't charged for more food. then we got pizza at the vocelli's down the road and found out how expensive their pizza was, not going to order from there again. then we sat down and watched "A Series of Unfortunate Events". Thats about all that happened in the first week at my new apartment. I'll update next Saturday on how week 2 went.