Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday 5: Sticky Situations

  1. What was the last song that stuck in your brain and wouldn’t go away?
    Many of the songs from Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog.
  2. What’s something that sticks around long after you wish it would leave?
    One of my annoying coworkers at Wendy's.
  3. To what use did you put your last sticky note?
    I think as a bookmark in high school.
  4. When did you last have Pixy Stix?
    A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away.
  5. What is something you are a stickler for?
    Going to an art school when i could probably learn programming a lot more easily.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friday 5: Stupidity

  1. What’s something really, really stupid you’ve done that could easily have resulted in your own death?
    Running across the street right before the traffic light changes.
  2. What makes you feel stupid?
    That i cant construct sentences very quickly which is why i don't talk verbally that much.
  3. What’s something that’s stupid in a very smart way?
    Taking the stairs instead of the elevator when you have to go up many floors.
  4. What’s an example of a stupid idea working out in a way that solved a problem?
    Banging on something to try to make it work. Sometimes it does work but sometimes it could make the problem even worse.
  5. There is apparently a brand of packaged popcorn called Smartfood. What might be found in the package labeled Stupidfood?
    Poison berry yogurt.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday 5: Wasting my time?

  1. What did you last replace batteries for?
    My MP3 CD Player
  2. What have you thrown away that you probably could have had repaired?
    Cant really think of anything because when something breaks, i usually try to fix it or find a new use for it. (i once took parts from one cd player and put them in another broken cd player to make it work)
  3. Among items in your line of sight right now, what should probably be put in the trash?
    Empty bottles and bags
  4. When did you last use disposable cutlery while dining in your house?
    Either the last time I had a salad from Wendys or a mexican pizza from Taco Bell.
  5. Whose actions cause you to waste time you otherwise wouldn’t waste?
    Whoever makes up these friday 5 questions. I could have been working on homework this whole time. At least I like filling these out.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday 5: Thats how the Movies did it

  1. In Citizen Kane, the main character’s last word before dying is “Rosebud,” which is discovered later to be the name of a favorite childhood sled. The idea is that this rich, powerful, hated man, in his last moment, finds himself thinking of happy, innocent times. If the film were about your life, what word might you utter in similar sentiment?
    Angel. My first dog.
  2. In Groundhog Day, the main character is forced to live the same day again and again until he has learned to love others and to love himself. If you found yourself in an endless loop, living one day repeatedly until you learned the lesson that was holding you back, what would that lesson be?
    I guess it would to be more social.
  3. In Freaky Friday, a mother and daughter who have difficulty understanding each other find themselves each living the other’s life (occupying the other’s body and everything!). If this were to happen to you for similar reasons, whose body would you wake up in?
    I guess if anyone it would have to be one of our customers at Wendy's. Who the hell doesn't know the difference between a jr hamburger and a single hamburger?
  4. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones has to jump into an underground room filmed with the one thing that freaks him out: snakes. “Why did it have to be snakes?” he asks. If the movie were about you, what would you see in the underground room?
    I guess if anything it would be to see an empty room because that would usually mean that your going to set off some kind of trap that you wouldn't see coming.
  5. In Sideways, the main character is asked to explain his love for wine made from a certain grape. As he describes the grape, we realizes he is also describing himself, saying that it must be carefully tended and that it is easily damaged. If the film were about you, what passion (hobby, food, collectible, or activity, for example) would you describe and how would you describe it so that you were also describing yourself?
    Video Games. There are many things that i like about them from their beautiful graphics, to their compelling stories, to their intuitive game play. Because of all of these, i like how immersed you can get into a well designed game.((hmm, that didnt exactly have anything about describing myself, ill try remember to fix that later))

Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday 5: Before Your Time

  1. Of television programs that aired before you were born, what’s your favorite?
    I guess i would have to say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  2. What person of historical significance was from your neighborhood or city?
    Umm... the guy who started Heinz ketchup.
  3. What’s a story that’s often been told about someone in your family in the years before you came along?
    Don't really remember any stories. Guess they didn't interest me that much.
  4. Which of previous generations’ dumb mistakes (in deed or thought) baffles you the most?
    I cant really think of any mistakes at this moment
  5. What aspect of life in the good old days would you love to see a return to?
    How much cheaper everything was