Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Work - Need of Change

For almost 2 years now, I've been working at a local Wendy's. Now even tho It's not too bad of a place to work at compared to just about any other fast food restraint, I've been thinking about looking for a new job soon. I'm pretty much just getting really tired of working there. I think I've been pretty lucky to be working the crew that I usually work with but there are a few of my co-workers that I'm really getting tired of dealing with. The worst is one of my managers, she over-reacts to just about anything. Even if it something stupid the customer does(at least she waits until they leave). Speaking of customers, they are another problem I have with this job. A lot of them just seem so idiotic. For example when we ask if they want a Jr. burger and a Single burger when they don't specify which one, they ask "whats the difference?" or "which is bigger/smaller". Pretty much, seeing these customers that come through have lessen my expectations of people of the rest of the world. Something else that I don't particularly like is that I am so exhausted when I get off work, leaving me with almost no energy for class or anything else that I might try to do that night. Sometimes I just get home and sleep until the next day(missed a few W.M.S.'s that way). One last minor thing that I hate is that I have to have my face completely shaven. Now I wouldn't mind keeping it looking nice but I don't like having nothing there.

The only reason I haven't really started looking for a new job is because I still haven't used my vacation yet. Right now I'm still trying to figure out when I should use it. Once I do though, I really want to start looking for a new job. The type of job I would like to have is one around technology, hopefully something that I could use the skills I got from the Mercer County Career Center. I was also maybe thinking of doing some time of photography since I'm apparently good at it. Even If its just something on the side. It would help if I had a new camera tho. I was also kinda looking into possibly doing art commissions but first I need to get myself back into drawing before I can do that.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Windows Vista 64bit

About 8 months ago I got Windows Vista for my Xion PC. Before then I was running a copy of XP from my brother and for a few months was getting the little alert that was saying my copy wasn't a genuine copy. I decided then to just get my own OS so I woulden't have to deal the whole genuine thing again. I then decided that since I was going to get a new OS I should go ahead and get Vista. It was out for a few years already and most of the bugs it might have had been worked out by now. I also went with 64bit instead of the normal 32bit because it was the same price and thought if something didn't work, I could still put it on my old HP computer.

To start off I just want to say that Windows Vista looks amazing. I like the glass effect that the windows have and the shadows are much better that in xp. I liked how you can set any image as a background via the center setting and it will resize to fit the desktop better(xp kept the image it's normal size). The sidebar became very useful i found the twitter app known as Chirpr(the error message was hilarious). My Wacom tablet had some tools that came with vista that were pretty cool as well. I was able to set the network up alot easier than with xp and it connects to my XBox pretty easily as well.

Now despite all the good things that I like about vista, there are quite a few issues that I've had as well. The major problem that I've ran into has been computability issues. Many games and applications from before Vista either doesn't run correctly or at all. My webcam isn't even detected(pops right up with xp, no drivers needed). This was kind of expected tho. It's a new OS and what probably made it was was it being 64bit. Another problem I've been having is the computer would just kick itself off the network. It wasn't that hard to get it back on but it does kinda get annoying. Windows Media Center also had a problem for a while. I wasn't able to open it without it crashing 10 seconds later. I even tried a fix I found but it wouldn't even do that. The only way I could fix it was to reinstall Vista. The final problem I've been having that really bugs me is with my video card. In games I will get some stretched polygons that go way off the screen and makes everything look horrible. This is something that happens in just about every game. The past few Tomb Raider games seem to be the worst with this. Another video problem i've been having is that a few pixels on my screen will go dead i guess for a little bit. Thankfully its mostly unnoticed and can sometimes be fixed by moving my mouse over that area. I'm really hoping that these problems are just some kind of computability issues with the video drivers.

Now after using for 8 months, I've decided to go back to Windows XP. I've ordered Windows XP Media Center for my computer and should have it soon. I'm not going to completely do away with Vista tho. I'm kinda planning on splitting my hard drive and installing both on my computer. I've recently got a book on programming for Direct X 10 which comes only with Vista. Only thing is I would need to get a better video card that can run dx10 before starting on that book.

I have installed XP Media Center successfully and it seems that I'm still having some video issues. This means that it had nothing to really do with Windows Vista. I'm guessing my card is just getting worn out or something, probably pushed it too hard. now that i think about it I think i might have heard a strange noise about half a year ago. I guess I'll just have to get a new video card if i want these glitches to stop completely.