Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Work - Need of Change

For almost 2 years now, I've been working at a local Wendy's. Now even tho It's not too bad of a place to work at compared to just about any other fast food restraint, I've been thinking about looking for a new job soon. I'm pretty much just getting really tired of working there. I think I've been pretty lucky to be working the crew that I usually work with but there are a few of my co-workers that I'm really getting tired of dealing with. The worst is one of my managers, she over-reacts to just about anything. Even if it something stupid the customer does(at least she waits until they leave). Speaking of customers, they are another problem I have with this job. A lot of them just seem so idiotic. For example when we ask if they want a Jr. burger and a Single burger when they don't specify which one, they ask "whats the difference?" or "which is bigger/smaller". Pretty much, seeing these customers that come through have lessen my expectations of people of the rest of the world. Something else that I don't particularly like is that I am so exhausted when I get off work, leaving me with almost no energy for class or anything else that I might try to do that night. Sometimes I just get home and sleep until the next day(missed a few W.M.S.'s that way). One last minor thing that I hate is that I have to have my face completely shaven. Now I wouldn't mind keeping it looking nice but I don't like having nothing there.

The only reason I haven't really started looking for a new job is because I still haven't used my vacation yet. Right now I'm still trying to figure out when I should use it. Once I do though, I really want to start looking for a new job. The type of job I would like to have is one around technology, hopefully something that I could use the skills I got from the Mercer County Career Center. I was also maybe thinking of doing some time of photography since I'm apparently good at it. Even If its just something on the side. It would help if I had a new camera tho. I was also kinda looking into possibly doing art commissions but first I need to get myself back into drawing before I can do that.

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