Monday, March 9, 2009

Why so silent?

As most people probably know by now, I'm not one for verbally talking. You would be lucky if you can even get a few words out of me. Why am I so quiet? I guess I don't really know myself. I think that maybe it's because my mind just takes so long processing what others say. Then it takes a while to take my thoughts and form them into words, by which time the right moment to let it out had already passed. This is why I kinda prefer to type my thoughts rather than verbally say them. I guess its kinda because I can rad over what I'm going to say before I send it. Also my mind seems to work a lot fast with text than trying to listen to someone. Maybe it's because there's more pressure to try to listen, trying to understand it right away, and then trying to give a quick response. I have been trying to get better at talking and I guess I have gotten a little better over the past couple years, but I still think my verbal social skills need a lot of work, especially for when I go out to get a real job.

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